Chiefs are Super Bowl Bound

Story by Isabelle Flood – Staff Reporter

The NFL Playoffs always come with celebration, devastation, screaming, and cheering. 14 different teams go in, but only one comes out with a Super Bowl ring and the bragging rights. Everyone has their predictions but this year it isn’t so obvious. 

   “I don’t think there is any one clear winner, I think every team has shown that they are beatable…I don’t think its an easy prediction,” Katie Wilson, marketing teacher, said. 

   The easy predictions went out the door when the postseason came around and every game had upsets, along with impressive victories. 

   “I am just shocked about how poorly the Eagles have done the past couple weeks, it just blows my mind I don’t know what is happening,” Wilson said. 

   Chiefs fans are excited the Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl again, but everyone has their backup teams they secretly root for. 

   “I just really like the Cowboys, I am a fan of the Steelers, I like the Eagles, so I definitely have other teams that I follow but hopefully the Chiefs go,” Wilson said. 

  Reflecting on the regular season is just a part of the post-season. Many Chiefs fans can say it hasn’t been their best season. 

   “Every one of our losses was surprising to be quite honest, like the Broncos, terrible loss…  the Chiefs need to invest in way more running backs and wide receivers and we have put a lot of money into good guys but nobody is catching the ball,” Wilson said. 

   Offense is very entertaining and arguably the most thrilling part of the game, but many are in agreement that defense is what wins games. 

   “Defense has changed the game this year, the Eagles offense can get it done, but their defense is sorely slacking… defense is big, it can change the momentum of the game,” Wilson said. 

    This past weekend, the Chiefs traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to play the number one seed, the Ravens. The Red Kingdom is ecstatic that the team pulled off another win to get to that Super Bowl game. 

Photo by Morgan Hill – Staff Reporter