Wednesdays in the 2020-2021 school year

Story by Lily Temple – Staff Reporter


 This year, the LSR7 school district, along with others, has been having no school on Wednesdays. It has been a time for students to catch up on assignments or to get tutoring from their teachers. Teachers have been able to use the time to plan and to talk with other teachers about the upcoming days and work with online students. Several students and teachers rave about this alternate schedule and hope it continues next year. 

   “Personally, from a teacher’s perspective, I have really enjoyed Wednesdays as asynchronous school days this year.  In previous school years, I would work on weekends or stay late after school to finish grading and preparing lessons for the future units in my classes.  But now I’m able to do a lot of that work on my Wednesdays.  I think students have also benefited because Wednesday has become the built-in day each week to do any individual or small group tutoring.  In a way, those days have made up for the missed Bronco Time,” Kevin Krumrey, Science Teacher, said. 

   Having the extra time on Wednesdays allows students and teachers to get more done. With the constant changes this year students and teachers have appreciated having Wednesdays as a constant. 

   “It has been very helpful because with all of the changes Wednesdays have stayed the same and allowed students time to get help and get caught up on school,” Ellie Stafford, sophomore, said.

   Wednesdays have been a day for students and teachers to relieve their stress. Whether that means, catching up on assignments, or getting ahead, students have shared that Wednesdays take a lot of stress off their shoulders.

   “It is helpful to have an extra day to not stress out and just get caught up on all work no matter what the class structure is like,” Sarah Green, junior, said.

People seem to love Wednesdays and would be very happy if a four-day week was the new normal.

   “I would LOVE to continue having no school on Wednesdays! Even though we have experienced a lot of shifts this year, I feel like having a whole day each week dedicated to lesson planning and collaboration has helped me improve my teaching this year. In turn, this also improves learning experiences for my students. I think students wouldn’t mind having a day off to catch up on school work. I think we all need a breather sometimes,” Abby Fossey, English teacher, said.

   Students and teachers alike have expressed how much they love having extra time on Wednesdays. It is clear that no one would be opposed to making the four-day week permanent.



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