Author: mindy.haesemeyer

Chiefs season review

Sports Review by Robert Hurst – Staff Reporter


This season for the Kansas City Chiefs was one to remember. With everything in the world being different, the Chiefs still showed up strong every game in the 2020 season. Their

The importance of wearing a mask

Editorial by Lily Temple – Staff Reporter


I’m sure everyone is tired of wearing masks, and some people may even wonder why. But even though it might not be the most comfortable or it may feel weird, it is

How to cure the winter blues

Story by Abby Langle- Assistant Junior Editor


As wintertime rolls around many people get what is known as the winter blues. There are some easy ways to ease these blues. You could go exercise, start new routines or organize. 

Winter sports adapt to Covid changes

Story by Mia Gatti- Staff Reporter


As we all know this season for all winter athletes has been very different than in past years. From the games and the meets to practices and extra activities that everyone gets excited

Hybrid or virtual? A student’s opinion


Editorial by Kaia Monaco – Staff Reporter


I think we can all say this school year has been anything but normal. Switching from virtual to hybrid back to virtual has taken a toll on everyone, especially since the