Author: mindy.haesemeyer

KC Chiefs are AFC champions

By Robert Hurst – Staff Reporter

The Kansas City Chiefs have beaten the Buffalo Bills 38-24 during the AFC championship game. It was an all-around great game for the Chiefs offense and defense. They are going to back to back

When will we get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Story by Kaia Monaco – Staff Reporter

It seems ever since the Coronavirus pandemic began, the entire world has been asking for a vaccine. Now that the vaccine is here, there are even more questions to answer —  what is

Chiefs season review

Sports Review by Robert Hurst – Staff Reporter


This season for the Kansas City Chiefs was one to remember. With everything in the world being different, the Chiefs still showed up strong every game in the 2020 season. Their

The importance of wearing a mask

Editorial by Lily Temple – Staff Reporter


I’m sure everyone is tired of wearing masks, and some people may even wonder why. But even though it might not be the most comfortable or it may feel weird, it is