2022 Graduation — Steps After High School

Story by Bailee Council – Staff Reporter


As the year comes to an end, there’s a lot going on here at LSN, at the top of that list being graduation. The ceremony isn’t the only event coming up for seniors: May 5th and 6th are the senior meetings and after that on May 16th through their last day on the 18th, seniors have finals. A senior breakfast will be held in the east parking lot, and then finally on May 21, at the Children’s Mercy park, is graduation. Given 15 residential and 4 non-residential tickets, seniors will take their next steps in life after High School. 

   “I feel like you can never be fully prepared for life after high school until you’re living in it but I feel like I’m prepared as I can be,” Malorie Hubert, senior, said. 

   As the year comes to an end and seniors have more and more choices to make and goodbyes to give, it is not only an emotional time but also a memorable one. A big difference for a lot of seniors is the transition of moving off to college, no matter if it is in state or out of state, saying goodbye to family and friends is never an easy thing to do. 

   “While I am worried about living in Chicago because of the size, I am more concerned about the adjustment of being surrounded by my friends and family. While I know that the independence I will gain following graduation is crucially important to my growth, I will miss everyone tremendously,” Olivia Vella, senior, said.

   Aside from that, there are so many things to look forward to after graduation. 

   “I’m ready for more independence and to just move on to the next chapter of my life,” Hubert said. 

   With independence comes responsibility, the inevitability of growing up. But a well-asked question as people move on to the next step in life, whether it’s graduation and going off to college or even if it’s getting a new job, is if you are prepared. Are you prepared for this next chapter of your life?

   “If you would have asked me during September if I was prepared for life after high school, I would have laughed. I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of growth this year, which I think is typical for a senior in high school. The classes I’ve taken over the course of my Junior and Senior year have prepared me for college in a significant way, and they have shaped me into the person I am now. My outlook as a learner has expanded significantly,” Vella said. 

   The day of graduation, there’s expected to be a whirlwind of emotions — sad, happy, nervous, excitement all across the way. A lot of students at LSN have to say goodbye to people they have known for years before high school, making things especially hard.

   “Graduation day is like the last day I’m going to be able to see like 80% of these people ever again so it’s going to be super sad but it’s also going to be really fun to be with all my friends and classmates that I’ve been with for 6 years,” Hubert said.

   But some would say that what makes these goodbyes so hard is the amazing memories connected to these people and even connections to the school. Those friendships and bonds are what make or break an amazing high school experience. 

   “Take advantage of every opportunity presented to you during your senior year.  Slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy your senior year,” Vella said.

   Allow yourself to indulge in those little moments as everyone works their way to graduation, even when senioritis gets the best of you at times. Enjoy those moments before they aren’t available anymore.  

The Champion

Story by Mia Fuller – Staff Reporter


Madi Norris, senior, is one of the many champions from the MSHSAA State Tournament in Springfield, Missouri. 


In her final round of speeches, Norris answered the question: “Should Participating in the January 6th Insurrection Disqualify an Individual from Running for Public Office?” 


With her speech, Norris placed as state champion in United States Extemporaneous Speaking. This achievement has been a  long time coming for Norris. 


Norris has been a part of the Speech and Debate team since her freshman year, and last year she placed second in Extemporaneous Speaking. 


Norris notes that she did not get here all on her own with Ben Jewell, IB History ll and Debate, coaching her throughout the years.


 “I would never have gotten to the place I am now without his guidance,” Norris says on the matter. 


Due to her accomplishment, Norris’s name will be placed in the book that is handed out at the beginning of the year and will be there for years to come. 


Norris says, “names are all compiled in a book that is handed out at the beginning of the tournament each year. Now, my name will be in that book forever! It is an amazing feeling,” 


To wrap up her legacy, Norris will once again be going to compete in Extemporaneous Speaking in the National Tournament this fall.

Some successful seasons close to complete

Story & Graphic by Mia Gatti- Entertainment/Feature Editor


Spring sports teams are getting ready for the postseason with some competitive games ahead. The girls’ soccer team has had a great season overcoming some very challenging teams and working well together. The boys’ baseball team has defeated top-ranked teams and some rival schools, but now they are all ready to advance far in the postseason. 

   There have been many successful things for both of these teams this season and they are excited for the postseason to begin. 

   “The best thing about the season has been getting to play the sport I love with all of my friends and forming new relationships,” Maddie Sibbing, junior, said. 

   The soccer team is going to have some tough competition heading into the postseason, and they are ready to defeat these competitors.

   “My mindset going into districts is that we are just as talented as any other team and can beat any team in our district,” Sibbing said. 

   The girls are excited for a fun and competitive end of the 2022 soccer season. 

   The boys’ baseball team has two more games before districts, but the postseason is becoming a big priority for the team. 

   “The team has been playing good and having a fun time so I hope we can get a districts win, it should be a fun game,” Jacob Manning, junior, said. 

   There have been many successful parts of the season for the boys and now it is time to win as a team in the end. 

   “The best part of our season was our trip to Springfield, the trip was a great way to bring the team closer together and to have a fun time playing baseball,” Manning said. 

   The baseball team is a close group of boys that work well together to complete what they need to on the field, and this great team will be ready to defeat rivals in the postseason. 

   The baseball team is facing Lee’s Summit on Monday, May 16th for the district game, and the girls’ soccer team plays on Saturday, May 14th for their district game against Ray Pec. Come support your broncos both days so they can advance far in the postseason!


The Fight

Story & Photo by Mia Fuller – Staff Reporter


The annual Pink Out Game between the LSN and Lee’s Summit West is making its way to the LSN’s soccer fields for the eleventh year. 

For years the two schools have battled it out on the soccer field with an even more important fight behind it. 

The fight to help those with cancer and the terrible ways in which it affects their life.

 All of the profits raised from the game will go to the Stephanie Vest foundation who will in turn donate money to local families where there is someone fighting against breast cancer. 

Not only does this game help fight the terrible effects that cancer has, but it also brings two of the district’s schools together: LSN and LSW. 

Those interested in the game on Thursday, April 28th, can purchase tickets at the gate for $3 per student ticket and $5 per adult ticket.

Anybody who bought one of the Pink Out shirts from the girls’ soccer team will also get free entry to the game if they are wearing their shirt. 

No matter who wins the game it is important to remember the true purpose of the game: to bring two schools together and raise money for those who truly need some help in this world. 

Ryan Kelley, P.E. teacher and head girls’ soccer varsity coach, said “The purpose of the Pink Out game is to bring the 2 schools and the community together to support a local breast cancer foundation.” 

Tis the season for Prom

Story by Mia Gatti- Entertainment/Feature Editor


 It is Prom season and everyone is excited to get ready for the big day. Many students prepare for this day by getting outfits and plans ready months in advance. This Prom is the most normal Prom Lees Summit North has had in the last couple of years. This year Prom is back at John Knox Village on Saturday, April 30th from 8-11 p.m. 

   Most students get really excited to get ready with their friends and hang out in groups. Last year the students were on the football field, but this year students are starting to get normalcy back, so they get to go back to the normal location of John Knox Village.

   “I am most excited to get dressed up and hang out with my friends Saturday night, and have a good time,” Mac Gammill, junior, said. 

   This will be a great time for everyone so be sure to come out and have a good time on Saturday night with all of your friends. 

   “We will get ready around 2:00 p.m. then take pictures at 4:30 p.m. After that we will go eat at Hereford House and then enjoy the dance,” Gammill, said. 

   Everyone has some exciting plans for the weekend and are ready to have a good time. Don’t forget to pick up your tickets before school or in all lunch shifts on April 27th- 29th.

Royals rule opening day

Story & Graphic by Mia Gatti- Entertainment/Feature Editor


The Kansas City Royals season has finally begun. All of the Royals fans are excited to be back at the K watching their favorite team. On April 7, 2022 the Royals had their opening season game against the Cleveland Guardians at Kaufman Stadium. They started their season off strong by defeating the Guardians 3-1. This was a great way to start the season off, making the Royals fans even more excited for a great year. 

   Many students and teachers wore their blue gear on Wednesday, April 7th to show their support for their team, and how excited they are for a great season. 

   “I am excited for the potential we have in our lineup and the late-night baseball atmospheres along with the mid-day games that you can watch with friends are going to be fun to enjoy,” Abbie Kane, junior, said.

   The students are excited for some baseball action and the season has started off on the right foot. All of the players and fans are ready for a great season.

   “I love the atmosphere that the K gives and the famous fountains are so nice along with all of the kind people. Everyone is rooting for them to win and it is truly a great family place to be,” Kane said. 

   This season is going to be a great one for everyone, and we are all excited for what the team has in store. The Royals started off strong so hopefully they can continue that momentum throughout the rest of the season. Go Royals!


The Hearts of The City

Story & Photo by Abble Langle- Editor-in-Chief


The famous logo is synonymous with Kansas City. A big, bright heart with the block letters “KC” right in the middle. Labeling all things from t-shirts to coffee mugs, it has become just as much a part of KC culture as the Chiefs, Royals, and barbecue. Now this famous marker has inspired a new art campaign across the city. “The Parade of Hearts” is an art experience taking place all across the Kansas City Metro. It includes 154 5-foot tall heart sculptures that all have different and unique designs made by local artists. 

   The hearts truly are all over the Kansas City area. They are located in all sorts of neighborhoods and suburbs from Weston to Martin City, Bonner Springs to Blue Springs, and everywhere in between. Some ambitious sight-seers have the goal of seeing all of them, or at least as many as they can. 

   The Parade of Hearts organizers have a detailed map on their website to help people find where the sculptures are located. They also have developed an app that can help locate all of the hearts. Users of the app can “check-in” and can see how many others have visited the hearts they are at. When they check-in they can keep track of which hearts they have seen and make wish lists of the ones they want to check out.

   “I really want to see the ‘Buzzworthy’ one because it is super cool the way the artist designed it and I like all the elements in it and the way it all goes together,” Ashley Paul, senior, said. 

   Many believe that the hearts have just become popular in the metro over the last few years, however hearts have been an iconic symbol in Kansas City for a long time. Sometimes known as the “Heart of America”, the logo just makes sense for the city. Its long history started with the Kansas City Monarchs in the 1940s and continued when the Country Club Plaza engraved the design into its light poles in the 50s and 60s. Eventually, the KC hearts found themselves on the famous Charlie Hustle shirts we all know. This art installation is just the next chapter in its long and exciting history.

   Due to the individuality of each heart, crowds have been driving all across the city and swarming to see them all. Of the 154 hearts, five are located here in Lee’s Summit.

   “I’ve seen some of the hearts they have around Lee’s Summit but I haven’t seen anymore out of Lee’s Summit. My goal is to see at least four,” Paul said.

   You can see these unique hearts until the end of May. After that the public will be able to bid on the hearts they want to keep and display. So if you are looking for a heart to put in your yard, you better start saving your money.


Auditions for the LSN Talent Show

Story by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter


   The stars are lining up for the upcoming LSN talent show. Every year, LSN has a friendly challenge of the talents. The talent show will be held in the LSN auditorium April 27th at 7 p.m. Anybody can be in the talent show. All you have to do is audition. Auditions for the talent show will be held April 13 and April 14. The google form to audition is on the LSN online homepage. 

   “North has had the talent show since the school opened back in 1995,” Sara Witteman, English teacher, said.

   Anyone with visually interesting talents should definitely audition for the talent show. Most people will most likely get stage fright getting in front of all of those people, but the LSN talent show is a non-judgmental show where you can be yourself and show off your talents. 

   “The majority are singers or guitar, piano, we’ve had dance in there as well,” Witteman said.

   If anyone is considering trying out for the LSN talent show, make sure you practice. Lots of people will be trying out for the talent show with amazing talents. There are limited positions in the show so make sure you practice, practice, practice so you can claim your spot in the show.

   “We usually keep it around 18 people so we have about an hour-long show,” Witteman said.

   Even though all acts will be appreciated and acknowledged. There will be talents that will be better than others. The best acts and talents will receive a reward. 

   “First, Second, and third place winners get plaques,” Witteman said.

   Come support your talented LSN classmates!


Bronco Baseball defeats Blue Springs South

Story by Lily Temple – Assistant Editor


 Last week on Monday, March 28, the LSN boys baseball team had their first win of the season. This win was special because of the tough opponent they faced, Blue Springs South High School. Blue Springs South has many players who are already committed to play baseball in college but the boys did not let that stop them. 

   “It felt good to get the first win out of the way. We came together as a team and battled till the end. We played good defense and beat an excellent opponent,” Blake Davis, senior, said. 

   The star player of the game was Blake Davis. He pitched all seven innings and was also the player who hit the double that sent two runs home for the win in the bottom of the seventh but, if you ask him, it was a team effort.

   “It felt good to pitch the whole game. My defense played stellar against a very good Blue Spring South team. We stayed in it and believed in ourselves,” Davis said. 

   It was an unexpected win for the Broncos after being on a six-game losing streak. It was fun for the team and fun for the fans to all experience a walk-off win. 

   “The team was electric, which made for a great Culver’s night,” Davis said. 


Photo by Mogan Hubert

The Royals Come Back After a Tough Lockout

Story & Photo by Areesa Steele – Staff Reporter


With the Royals coming to the beginning of their season, it has been hard to get in the training that they need. The recent lockout has caused many disputes within the fans. A lockout is when the workers and management are in a dispute, so they want to force the parties to deal with the issues and get an agreement.

   “I am happy to hear that the owners and Players Association reached an agreement. It was a relief that we will still get to have a baseball season,” Rachel Russell, English teacher, said.

   Even though the lockout has come to an end, some have felt that what they have done was wrong and believe that they are using their money to take advantage of the players.

   “The owners are making a tremendous amount of money and really taking advantage of the players,” Michael Russell, librarian, said.

   The impact of the lockout is going to be huge with the players. Some believe that the lockout will impact the catchers and pitchers more. They are always the first to enter into spring training since it takes time and preparation to be ready for the major league baseball season.

    “It takes time and focused preparation to be ready to pitch in the major leagues. We might see some lag in the early weeks of the season,” Rachel said.

   The hopes and anticipations are not very high for this upcoming season, mostly because of the lockout and spring training starting late in the season.

   “I think we will have the opportunity to build on something. I don’t know if we will make the playoffs this year,” Michael said.

   Fans still love the Royals and appreciate the fact that we have a team to cheer on and represent Kansas City. As long as the team is thoroughly prepared for the season, they will do great.